High-quality black & gray, color, line work & cover-ups.

Welcome to Ink Jam Tattoo Studio, Arlington's original tattoo studio. Ink Jam is a relaxed, friendly, clean environment where quality and detailed work is our number-one priority. Work with our talented artists to design the perfect custom tattoo for you or choose from our extensive collection of designs. Whether you are getting your first tattoo or fifteenth, large or small, you will walk out with a showcase tattoo.

Come to Ink Jam and put some Quinn in your skin!

Meet our Crew

Ink Jam's owner, Jim Quinn, is an experienced tattoo artist. He attended Butera School of Art in Boston and has worked as an artist in the New England area for the past 25 years. Jim specializes in line work and detailed shading and has years of unique and original artwork in his portfolio, working with clients to craft personal and unique tattoos.

Janella Mele is an international multimedia artist who studied at the Museum School of Fine Arts at Tufts, graduating in 2018. Janella received her tattoo apprentice license in February 2022. She specializes in inventive abstractions, fine line detail, dot work, and has a versatile portfolio with respect to achieving each client's vision.

Izzy Rourke is a new tattoo artist. Izzy has been creating art all throughout her life, whether that means drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and much more. Izzy received her tattoo apprentice license in February 2023. Izzy specializes in bold, thick lines, more of a neo traditional style. She enjoys creating whimsical and mythological creatures, funky ladies, and loves working closely with clients to achieve their dream tattoos.