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Testimonials from Ink Jam's clients

Best tattoo studio!! I’ve been going here for 12 years and always leave with a smile. The owner Jim is fantastic and real. Doesn't matter how large or small your artwork is.. he genuinely cares about the outcome and perfects all the details. Highly recommend and wouldn’t go anywhere else!
  - Kaitlyn Martino

I’ve sat in Jim’s chair 4 times and will not go to anyone else. He is very creative, professional, and extremely talented.  Thank you for an awesome sleeve tattoo that I’m proud to show off. He cares about his customers and the art they walk around with.
  - Jessie Osborn

If I could give a million Stars I would. Ink Jam is Amazing!! Absolutely very professional. They work with every aspect you request and truly do a Stella Job. When your in that chair, it feels like home, very comfortable, polite, professional, it's not boring, I can talk to the artists about anything and crack a smile. They are a very detailed shop, and take pride in every single piece they do. It doesn't matter if it's small or big. They get the job done! Thank you Ink Jam!!!! And see you again (:
  - Sean Breland

I've known Jim Quinn since he started this business in Arlington, Massachusetts. I will confirm... Ink Jam Tattoo Studio is one of the first licensed Tattoo Studios in the state of Massachusetts! Also, one of the best rated. And by my personal experience, with Jim himself, he has tattooed over 50% of my body, with more than an excellent outcome, each and every single session. Along with many friends I have recommended, that is way too many to even list. Jim has run many special charity events for veterans, especially for the United States Marine Corps! Back when the United States was still at war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Much support and much love to the many years to come of Ink Jam Tattooed Studio.
  - Sam

I wanted to get my first tattoo and went to ink jam. Jim was super friendly and helpful in getting me all the info I needed and arranged for me to meet up with Janella who works there with him for a full consult. Janella was great getting things setup and was really responsive to make sure I felt taken care of and happy before settling on things. Day of Janella made sure I was comfortable and made the whole process a breeze. The results were great, and she even tweaked things at the end to make sure things were 100% perfect. I can for sure recommend checking out Ink Jam!
  - Matthew Campbell

I wanted to get my first tattoo and went to ink jam. Jim was super friendly and helpful in getting me all the info I needed and arranged for me to meet up with Janella who works there with him for a full consult. Janella was great getting things setup and was really responsive to make sure I felt taken care of and happy before settling on things. Day of Janella made sure I was comfortable and made the whole process a breeze. The results were great, and she even tweaked things at the end to make sure things were 100% perfect. I can for sure recommend checking out Ink Jam!
  - Catherine Valdario

110% recommend! I have gotten 4 tattoos from 4 different shops/artists before I found ink jam. I can happily say after visiting my 5th shop (ink jam) I will not be looking for a sixth! Jim helped me with a cover up tattoo and he absolutely nailed it! He listened to everything I wanted and somehow made everything work! Amazing detail and creativity. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs a cover up or just fresh ink. The shop has a great/friendly  atmosphere and you will not regret your choice!
  - Jill Asadoorian

Jim, the owner, is not only incredibly personal but remarkably talented. He made my first tattoo experience unforgettable because of his hospitality and skill. He works so fast too! People ask me where I got my work done all the time and I will never switch artists. I love you Jim!!! He really transforms you with his work.
  - Sophia Blanco

Jim did a beautiful job refreshing my tattoo from 25 years ago.  He was patient and thoughtful as we chose new colors, suggested adding some shading and put my nerves at ease.  A very talented professional who made the experience quite pleasant.
  - Brianna Nadelberg

I've gotten a total of 7 large tattoos here over the last four years! This is the best tattoo shop I've been to, hands down!! Jim does amazing work and I'm always extremely happy at how well the tattoos came out! Everytime I'm out, there's always someone who comments on how great my tattoos are and ask where I got them done. I always point them in this direction. The shading and detail that Jim puts into these tattoos are pure talent. Highly recommend getting your work done here, you won't be disappointed!
  - Stephenie Strongberg

I was recently at Ink Jam Tattoo with someone who was really anxious and excited to get their first tattoo. Jim was super professional and provided excellent service. The tattoo was am amazing. Highly recommend this experienced artist.
  - Moe

I had an amazing experience with Jim at Ink Jam Tattoo. He took the time to hear what I wanted and even drew up a couple different designs if I wanted to add more to my pet memorial tattoo. On the day of the tattoo, he informed me of all the tattoos and the profess was done phenomenal. I am so happy with the results. I am recently new to area and I am happy to say I found who will be completing my new few tattoos :)
  - Amber Kemmerer

I have had Janella do a few of my tattoos and the experience was great each time. She is so talented and understanding. She does amazing work and I can’t wait to have her tattoo me again.
  - Sammie Joyce

Jim tattooed me with beautifully done tribal flames rising up my right arm. The tattoo is in black and shadowing in red. It is truly art and I’m so thankful I found a professional that was so easy to talk. I can’t wait to get my next one.
  - Richard Bishop

I have gotten 10 tattoos from Janella Mele, and I couldn't be happier with her work. Professional, creative, kind, and so so gentle. She creates a positive, warm, safe space and her skill is unreal. Booking another appointment as I write this. You should too!
  - Jean Dale

Jim does amazing work !

Can't wait for my next appointment 😊

It's amazing how fast my tattoos heal after Jim does them. I have gone to other places and they never heal this fast.
  - Sarah Powell

Got my first tattoo here and I totally recommend them. The people were so kind and professional, and my tattoo artist (Janella) did an amazing and precise job. I felt hardly any pain at all :)
  - Gia

The artists here are SO talented!!! They are incredibly respectful, professional and kind. Janella gave me this tattoo and I’m absolutely obsessed!! 10000% recommend them :)
  - Gianna the Emo

Jim is an amazing artist and a great guy. He makes you feel comfortable and welcome when you’re there before, during and after your tattoo.
  - Shawn Sullivan

Jim is a total pro and an extremely nice guy. At first I contacted benchmark tattoos and they said my small black tattoo would be $200-$300… I thought that was very overpriced. I called ink jam and Jim was able to fit me in the same day that I called and replicated my tattoo image perfectly on my arm with precision and only charged $100. As soon as I figure out my next tattoo idea I’m definitely calling Jim! Highly recommend

Update: got a second tattoo from Jim and I’m obsessed with it he absolutely nailed it!
  - Daniel Matlack

At 21 years old, I got my first tattoo in my mind That was it i'm done. At age 43 I got inspired to put 3 words. Keep Moving Forward. I went to this place called ink jam in my hometown of arlington. There I met jim the owner. Not only is Jim  talented tattoo artist. Really cool guy down-to-earth and very professional. Well 10 years & 45 tattoos later I've had people from ink jam. Not just Jim who have given me permanent ink. I look forward to going back for #46.  Thank you ink jam!!
  - Keith Dennehey

Jim is a great guy with talent. Got a great tattoo from him the price was perfect definitely going back if I ever want another tattoo recommended him to my friends
  - Joe Masotta

I went to Jim for a tattoo - my first tattoo. The quality of service exceeded my expectations. From the initial consultation, to the finished piece, Jim was thorough and attentive. I would highly recommend Ink Jam to anyone looking to get a tattoo. I will definitely be back, thanks Jim!
  - Renee O'Brien

Love this place. Talented artists and a welcoming environment.  Janella has become my go to artist for my tattoos, and any recommendations people ask for.
  - Kayla Marie

I have 10 tattoos from 10 different artists. I am picky and want perfection. It’s safe to say that Jim is absolutely and officially my new go to artist. We met one time to go over what I wanted and Jim drew it up and absolutely killed it! On top of the insane tattoo, it was fast and definitely worth more than I was charged. I will never go anywhere else again. Thanks so much Jim! I absolutely am obsessed with it!
  - Nico Garrigan

I've been to Ink Jam twice now and I've been nothing but pleased, not only with the tattoos, but the hospitality as well! They make you feel so welcomed when you walk in and make sure you're comfortable throughout your service. Jim did my dads tattoos and is now doing mine and I couldn't be happier. If I could rate it any higher I would, I highly recommend this studio over any other! 10/10
  - Grace Calandrella

Jim is very kind and does the most incredible work for a very fair pricepoint.He has done most of my tattoos and i’ve never once been disappointed!! I always recommend this place to anyone looking to get a new tattoo!!
  - Katherine Derosas

Janella did an amazing job on an abstract piece and we even added some color (I was against it at first) to it after talking it thru a little bit which made the artwork ‘pop’ a LOT more. Thank you, I’ll be back soon hopefully!
  - Rob

I originally went somwere els and was unhappy with a tattoo until
i was referred to ink jam by a family memeber.
i can not tell you how happy i am with my arm since jim has been working on it  and how cool its coming along
thanks man you rock
  - Anthony Chase

Ink Jam was fantastic.  Jim was great and I absolutely love my tattoo.  I'll be back for my next one soon.  Highly recommend Ink Jam.
  - Scott Anderson

Jim is a great artist and a great man. Got my first tattoo. Can’t wait to get another one.
  - Rohan Jadav

I absolutely love this place! Go see Jim, I swear he can fix any tattoo. I had a few, I no longer wanted from other artists that went too deep and left me scared! Jim fixed me right up with his gentle and effective skills! Amazing prices, half the time, I’m telling you no one does it like the Jam!! I can’t wait to go back for more art work! Especially since Ink Jam does custom! Yes custom. I won’t go anywhere else Arlington is so close and Ink Jam is the best!
  - Colleen

Jim is AMAAAAAAZING! I hadn’t gotten anything done in over 10 years, and I’ve gotten SIX from him in the last year! Always clean in the shop, super professional, super approachable, and great to work with someone who is invested in his community. The artwork is so high quality, and it’s always such a simple process. 50/10 would recommend Ink Jam!
  - Marissa O'Donnell